This is a video-game based off the sets.


You play as Superman. This mode's hub is the planet Krypton.

Wonder WomanEdit

You play as Wonder Woman. This mode's hub is the island Themysciria.

Green LanternEdit

You play as Green Lantern. This mode's hub is the planet Oa.


You play as Aquaman. This mode's hub is Atlantis.

The FlashEdit

Green ArrowEdit


You play as Batman. This mode's hub, instead of the batcave, is Wayne Enterprizes.

Chapter 1: Two-Face's TerrorEdit

At the Gotham Bank, Ventriloquist and Scarface have arrived and Batman, Nightwing, and The Red Robin arrive to fight them. After there defeat, Ventriloquist and Scarface tell them that they are working for Two-Face and that Two-Face plans to scar all of Gotham City.

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